The Jury of the Second International Accordion Festival and Competition AccoHoliday

  • Jan Tabachnik
  • Richarg Galliano
  • Vladimir Besfamilnov
  • Anatolij Semeshko
  • Yurij Jastrebov
  • Alfred Mirek
  • Myroslav Cherpanin
  • Yurij Sidorov
  • Vladimir Rozhok
  • Viktor Vlasov
  • Eduardas Gabnys
  • Leonid Zatulovskyi
  • Valerij Kovtun
  • Igor Osipenko
  • Mirco Patarini
  • Tania Lukic-Marx
  • Radomir Tomich

    Jan Tabachnik

    People's Artist of Ukraine, Doctor of Fine Art, Professor, holder of the titles "The Golden Accordion of Europe", "The Grand Maestro", "Star of the Ukrainian Popular Music" and the plaque installed on the Ukrainian Walk of Fame; Commander of the Ukrainian Order of Merit (I, II, Ш degree), Commander of the Russian orders - Order of Mykhail Lomonosov (IV degree), Order of the Peter the Great; Commander of Religious Orders: Order of St. Stanislav (III, IV degrees), Order of St. Nicolas, Order of International fame awarded by His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Aleksiy II, the medal for Public Esteem; Professor of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Honored Professor of the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Honored Professor of Tel Aviv Conservatoire (Israel); Academician of Karel Lipinskij Academy (Poland).

    Jan Petrovich Tabachnik was born on July 31, 1945 in Chernivtsi city (Bukovyna) in the family of intellectual workers. His farther, Pjotr Tabachnik (1905) was an engineer, and his mother, Hanna Tabachnik, was famous for her art knitting.

    When being a child, he had a turn for music. He demonstrated interest in accordion; Jan mastered this instrument studying with private teachers, and later on - at the music school.

    He received diploma of higher music education in 1988, having graduated from Melitopol State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Music and Pedagogic. Then, he had already been the famous musician.

    He started his career in the age of 13; then, he worked for semi-professional bands. In the age of 16, he became the professional performer of popular music. He worked for Astrakhan, Kalmyk, Orel, Batumi, Yalta, Zaporizhzha Philharmonic Halls and the Lenkontsert organization. For 30 years, he was the art director of instrumental bands, which gave performances in all Soviet Republics. He went on tours in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic Republics, the Volga region, Siberia, the Far East, and the Central Asia.

    Since 1987, he has been giving solo performances abroad: in Poland, Austria, Germany, England, Israel, the USA, Canada and other states. There he enjoyed stable success and popularity among the audience and music critics. In press he is often referred to as the best accordionist of the world. Then, he won the Ukrainian Conquest of Popular Artists, the II International Festival "Harmonica - the Soul of Russia" (2004), several international competitions and festivals; he got the Golden Moll Award, the Russian Prize "Ovation", the Sidi Tal Award; he was awarded with the Golden Medal of Israel and the Grand Maestro and the Golden Accordion of Europe titles. He is one of unique accordionists capable to perform in various genres. He successfully works with symphony orchestras, sympho-jazz, big-bands and popular groups.

    His virtuoso technique and skills of universal performer allowed Jan Tabachnik to perform together with the most famous musicians - A. Ahashkin, A. Kozlov, R. Galliano, L. Ptashka. I. Bushman, K. Mokhagony, V. Krajnev, Yu. Bashmet, K. Krizmani, V. Kovtun, M. Waters. L. Zatulovskyi and A. Mirek are his partners and teachers.

    This world-level musician's sphere of interests is all-embracing; he has visited all continents; he performed for presidents, kings, chancellors, prime ministers, prominent politicians and ordinary people. He likes his spectators and they, in turn, equal his entire attitude with priceless love and esteem.

    Richarg Galliano

    In 80 - 90th, Richarg Galliano (born in 1950) became one of the most popular modern composers - bayan-players, who wrote in the "Musettee" style.

    As an academician concert performer, he achieved great success during the ХХШ International Competition of Bayan & Accordion Performers "the World Cup", which was held in Austrian town Saltsburg in 1970. There, he won the silver award.

    At the same time, the musician practices in jazz. He performs together with the famous French chansonniers Gulliet Greco, Jacques Brel, and writes music for French movies.

    When playing with various jazz bands, R. Galliano won prizes at prestigious international conquests. He got the World Cup in Valencia, Spain, (1966), the Presidential Award in France (1968) and some others.

    Richarg Galliano was the unique French bayan performer, who managed to combine specific features of the Musette style and tango, on the one hand, with classical jazz and amazing jazz improvisation, on the other, in his creative work as a composer and performer.

    He often performs together with such prominent jazz musicians as the trumpet player Enrico Rava, the violin player Didier Lokwood, the prominent Belgium performer Toots Thielemans (mouth harmonica) and many others.

    Now, Richarg Galliano enjoys outstanding popularity; his numerous songs are performed in many countries of the world.

    Vladimir Besfamilnov

    Art of Vladimir Besfamilnov is the bright unique phenomenon in the history of accordion performance. His skills were widely recognized, and many years on concert tour earned him wide popularity and sincere praise from prominent artists. Vladimir Besfamilnov was born in Saratov on August 29, 1931.

    The young performer's first musical steps were with his father, Vladimir Mykhailovych Besfamilnov. Later he studied with Tkachyov at the Saratov music school and with Zhuromsky at the Kiev School of music. His education includes completing graduate and post-graduate studies at the P.I. Tchaikovsky Kiev Conservatorium under the guidance of the esteemed professor N.I. Rizol.

    Besfamilnov' first musical success was winning an inter-school competition in 1940 in the Saratov region. Thereafter followed successes and awards at the republican (Kyiv, 1956), the all-Union (Moscow, 1957) and international competitions in Moscow (1957), Brussels (1958) and Vienna (1959). In Brussels, after his performance of the test piece written by the Belgium composer Jul Katy, Besfamilnov received a score from the composer with the following inscription "to the great and sensitive performer of my music, Vladimir Besfamilnov, with deepest admiration of your talent, in memory of this significant day. With friendly greetings, Jul Katy".

    Soon, the name of this very talented musician became famous across the USSR and abroad. Thus, for example, the Kampuchean Academy of Arts honored him with a gold medal and the title of the "Esteemed Cavalier". The Russian Gnessin Academy awarded him with a silver disk for "Contribution to the Art of Accordion".

    On October 18, 2002, the General Assembly of Delegates of the Congress of Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) (Copenhagen, Denmark) presented Vladimir Besfamilnov with the prestigious CIA Merit Award of the member of the UNESCO-based International Music Council.

    Anatolij Semeshko

    Prominent Ukrainian musician, teacher, trainer, active member of associations of performers, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the Petrovsk Academy of Arts (Russia, Saint-Petersburg), Professor, Head of the Chair of Instrumental Accompaniment of the Institute of Arts of M.P. Drahomanov National Pedagogic University, Secretary of the National All-Ukrainian Association of Musicians.

    He graduated from P.I. Tchaikovsky Kyiv Conservatory in 1973, obtained training at Leipzig Higher School of Music (Germany, 1974), completed the master class at Kyiv Conservatory in 1980.

    As a performer, he actively cooperated with such famous compositors as V. Zubytsky, V. Podhornyi, Yu. Shamo, V. Dikusarov etc. He went on tours to many European states, Asia and America as a solo musician and together creative bands.

    For many years of pedagogic endeavors, he managed to bring up the number of high-skilled musicians, directors, and teachers.

    Anatolij Semeshko is the author of numerous publications, including three monographs, the series of portraits of the modern Ukrainian composers - bayan performers. As an editor, author of transcriptions, introductions, comments and methodological recommendations, he has compiled and published the series of concert and pedagogical digests (about 50).

    He is the initiator and permanent supervisor of the International Competition of Bayan and Accordion Performers "The Cup of Kryvbass".

    He is the jury member of numerous international and domestic competitions, participant of international workshops and congresses of the International Conference of Accordionists (СМА). In 1995 and 2001, he was awarded with the special CVA Diplomas.

    Yurij Jastrebov

    Ph.D. in Fine Art, Professor of the Humanitarian University of Trade Unions and the University of Culture (Saint-Petersburg).

    In 1964, graduated from Glinka Conservatory in Gorky.

    In 1972 graduated from the master class of P.I. Tchaikovsky Kyiv Conservatory.

    Yurij Jastrebov demonstrated prominent talent in various spheres of his career: as a bayan player of the tour & concert association Tselinkontsert; teacher of primary, secondary and higher educational institutions; head of the Chair of Folk Instruments of the Institute of Culture in Chelyabinsk; Vice-Principal for Academic and Scientific Work of the Far east Pedagogic Institute of Arts; organizer and presenter of concerts of Chelabinsk Philharmonic Hall "Russian Folk Instruments", "Russian Virtuoso Folk Performers" in 1971-1980. He has published more than 200 articles, notes and comments in periodicals. He is an author of books enjoying great popularity among the reading audience, including "Principles of Bayan Fingering", "Ural Trio of Bayan Performers", "Vladimir Besfamilnov", "Viktor Akulovich and His Skomorokhs".

    Alfred Mirek

    Prominent scientist, teacher, trainer, author of the best manuals on accordion, the Honored Art Worker of Russia, Doctor of Fine Art, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Telecommunications and Information, World War II veteran, prize winner of the Art Competition of Peoples of Russia, member of the Board of the RMMI, member of the Memorial Association, holder of decorations and medals. He is an author of 12 books - methodological manuals on accordion, bayan, melodic. The most significant work was his unique encyclopedia of reed instruments - "Harmonica. The Past and the Future". Professor Mirek makes presentations at international conferences and workshops in Prague (Czech Republic), Cherpan (Bulgaria), Amsterdam (Holland), Vilnius (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland), Castelfidardo (Italy). Professor Mirek is the member of juries, chairman of regional and international competitions and festivals.
    In 1963-1966, A. Mirek represented the Soviet Union before the editorial board of the international magazine The Accordion - Music (Paris). For fifty years (1948-1998), A. Mirek performed enormous field research activities. In 1976, his collections were put on the UNESCO ICOM International Catalogue (Paris).
    In 1980, he developed the "Scheme of Origination and Classification of Basic Harmonica Models in the World" (1700-2000), which described 198 models. In 1995, he published the new methodological and training monograph "Course of Popular Accordion Performance".

    Member of the Cultural Association "Poland House", historian and human right activist, member of the Council of Seniors of the Russian Association of Victims of Political Repressions (Moscow), Human Rights Charitable Association Memorial, journalist and writer - author of the books "Prisoner's Notes" (1989), "Prison Requiem" (1997), "Red Mirage" (2000), twelve short stories.

    He was awarded with state medals for labor achievements, including the medal "For Labor Commitment During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, For Defense of Moscow, Labor Veteran. For merits before the state, he was awarded with the International Order of St. Constantine, Order of St. Stanislav, Order "The Living Legend". The USSR Ministry of Culture awarded him with a decoration "For Excellent Work" (1965). The Russian Gnessin Academy awarded him a silver disk for "Contribution to the Art of Bayan" in 2001. Holder of the Certificate of Merit of the Government of Moscow "For Active Contribution to Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Capital City" (2003), the Grateful Letter of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (2002). Since 2003, A. Mirek has been organizing and implementing the Moscow International Festivals "Harmonica - the Soul of Russia". Each festival takes one week; final "gala night" is organized at the P.I. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall; it gathers prominent performers on various types of reed instruments - accordion, bayan, various folk harmonicas, and mouth harmonicas. Participants are awarded with plaques and certificates.

    Myroslav Cherpanin

    Doctor of Fine Art, Professor, Head of the Chair of Musicology of the Institute of Arts of V. Stefanyk Prykarpattya University. Since 2000, he has been actively performing together with Maryna Bulda. Their duet took part in competitions of accordion and bayan performers (Yalta, Zaporizhzha, St.-Petersburg), festivals of jazz and folk music in Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod (Ukraine). Papo, Sharoshpotok, Eger (Hungary). He has been awarded diplomas, certificates of festivals.

    M. Cherpanin (together with M. Bulda) is an author of the manual "Orchestration Versions of Concert Pieces for Two Accordions" (2002-2004), which complies with curricular of higher and secondary schools of music. His repertoire covers academician, folk and jazz music. It is widely used at music schools of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and concert practice of accordionists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Norway, and Italy.

    Yurij Sidorov

    For the first time wide audience heard about the Honored Artist of Russia Yurij Sidorov in 1979, during the screening performance before an international competition. Having won one of the most prestigious bayan competitions in Klogental (Germany), Yu. Sidorov joined the community of the leading bayan players. Performances of Yu. Sidorov enjoy the stable success.

    Recently, Yu. Sidorov has been actively exploiting genre of folk chamber instrumental music. He performs together with the Moscow Balalajki Band; also, he is a soloist of the National Academician Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Russia named after N. Osipov and the State Academician Russian Concert Orchestra Bayan.

    Yu. Sidoroov is constantly expanding the bayan repertoire. His transcriptions of the Russian and western classical pieces have been published in series "The Concert Bayan" and "Performances of Students of the Gnesin State Music and Pedagogic Institute".

    Yu. Sidorov has recorded two solo audio disks with the Melodia firm, a CD "Stars of Russian Bayan" with the Russian Disc Recording Company, CD "Improvisation" (Sabanu Production, Switzerland), and two CDs in Holland and one in Russia together with the Moscow Balalajki Band.

    He has reordered pieces of the Russian composers together with the National Academician Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Russia named after N. Osipov and the State Academician Russian Concert Orchestra Bayan.

    Yu. Sidorov has recorded several programs for the Russian and foreign TV and radio channels.

    Honored Artist of Russia (since 1997), senior lecturer (since 1998).

    Vladimir Rozhok

    Dean of the P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, Doctor of Fine Art, Professor, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine (1998).

    He was born in Khorosheye Ozero village, Nizhyn rayon, Chernihiv oblast on August 28, 1946.

    Graduated from Nizhyn School of Culture and Arts, specialty - conductor, master of a folk instrument orchestra (1965), Kharkiv State Institute of Culture,
    specialty - chorus master (1969) and Kharkiv State Institute of Arts named after I. Kotlyarevskyi, specialty - chorus conductor, teacher of choral signing (1974).
    Completed the post-graduate course of the M. Rylskyi Institute of Fine Art, Folk and Ethnography of Ukraine (1979). Defended his PhD (1984) and doctor's thesis (1997). Author of monographs "Stefan Turchak", "Music and Modern"; published more than 100 research papers devoted to music and theatre.

    Awarded with orders and decorations.

    On March 31, 2004, the Conference of Labor Collective of the National Academy of Music of Ukraine elected him the Dean of the Academy; he was appointed to the office with Order of the Minister of Culture and Arts of Ukraine # 343-k dd. May 12, 2004.

    Viktor Vlasov

    Composer, teacher, performer. Winner of the all-Ukrainian Competition "The Best Piece for Folk Instruments" (1977). The Russian Gnessin Academy awarded him with a silver disk for "Contribution to the Art of Accordion" in 2003.

    He was born in 1936. In 1963, graduated from Lviv Conservatoire (class of professor M.D. Obertjukhin).

    Since 1965, he has been working for Odessa Conservatoire, Professor.

    Simultaneously with his academician activities, V. Vlasov focuses on composing. He is an author of music for the film industry, including such movies as "The Air Seller" (director V. Ryabtsev), "Impudence" (director H. Yunhvald-Khilkevych), "The Berth" (director V. Kostromenko), "The Port" (director Yu. Chornyi), "Do as Appropriate" (director I. Horobets), "The ActionCrew" (director V. Vasylevskyi), "And Everything Will be Again…" (director Ya. Lupij), "Hu-Ha" (director V. Novak"), "Clink-Clunk" (director R. Vasylevskyi), "19 for Ever" (director M. Kats) and many others. V. Vlasov pays the closest attention to pieces for bayan. He is an author of three concerts, chamber pieces, dozens of concert compositions, illustrations and arrangements of folk melodies, popular jazz pieces (more than 30), and albums for the youth and children. His compositions have been published in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Yugoslavia with the aggregate circulation of more than million copies; they are constantly used for national and international competitions and festivals, included into curricula and test books, special literature on bayan. They are performed by the leading bands of Ukraine and Russia, recorded on CDs. His methodological publications include "Performance of Polyphonic Pieces for Bayan", "Stroke-Playing on Bayan", "On Creative Activities of I.A. Yashkevych", "Folk Performance - Professional Traditions", "Interpretation of Jazz Styles for Bayan", "Methods of Polyphonic Performance". He edited numerous music and scientific books.

    Eduardas Gabnys

    Eduardas Gabnys was born in Panevezhys town in 1952. He took a great interest in music when being a child, when studied at Vilnius Conservatoire. In 1976, he graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music, class of Professor A. Basni. Since 1983 to 1986, he studied at the P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine under supervision of professors N. Davydov and N. Rizol. Currently, E. Gabnys successfully combines his concerts with teaching. His is the professor and Dean of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since 1978, E. Gabnys has been performing together with Henadiy Savkov, accordionist. This duet performed in many states of the world and gave more than 800 solo concerts.

    Leonid Zatulovskyi

    Composer, conductor, teacher. He was born in Bila Tserkva town on September 1, 1935. Since 1944, he has been residing in Chernivtsi city.

    His creative heritage is the bright phenomenon of the Ukrainian national music. He is an author of numerous pieces for philharmonic, chamber, folk and popular orchestras, music to 4 plays, more than 80 popular songs, many arrangements for various instrumental bands, including bands of accordionists and bayan-players.

    Performers of his music comprise the National Folk Instrument Orchestra, the Academician Bukovyna Song & Dance Ensemble, the Chernivtsi Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra Nayany (New York), the Cheremosh, Smerichka, Surmy Bands, people's artists of Ukraine Jan Tabachnik, Yu. Bohatykov, V. Zinkevych, N. Yaremchuk, L. Sandulesa, honored artists of Ukraine S. Tal, V. Kupryna, Ya. Soltys, I. Derda, duet of violin-players Chobotovs and others.

    Today, L. Zatulovskyi works fruitfully. He represents and promotes the Ukrainian Art before the international audience.

    He is the prizewinner of international and Ukrainian competitions and festivals, holder of the international award of Sidi Tal, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine.

    Valerij Kovtun

    Virtuoso, one of prominent Russian accordionists, famous composer. He worked with such glorious artists as M. Esambayev, I. Kobzon, M. Magomayev…

    V.A. Kovtun performs on tour in many states. He took part in the International Sopot festival. Within the culture program, he performed before audience of Seoul Olympics and Goodwill Games in Seattle.

    He performed in Zurich during celebration of the 100th anniversary of I. Kalman, in Berlin during the Russia Days in Germany, in Ankara during the Moscow Days, representing the city municipality. He played in Switzerland, Italy, Finland and China… He often performed at the top-level meetings of heads of Russia, France and other states, and was highly appreciated by the audience.

    Each year, V.A. Kovtun gives solo concerts on the best stages of Russia: the State Kremlin Palace, the State Central Concert Hall "Russia" and P.I. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. Since 1984 to 2001, the musician published 11 music albums.

    V.A. Kovtun is not only the talented performer, but also the great composer and arranger. He is an author of interesting instrumental pieces and many popular songs, which are often performed by the leading domestic popular signers. V.A. Kovtun has composed an overture and the call sign for the European Mini-Football Cup 2000.

    V.A. Kovtun is the prizewinner of international competitions and festivals; he holds the title of "the Golden Accordion of Russia". For his endeavor, the musician was granted the title of the People's Artist of the Russian Federation and the number of prestigious domestic and foreign awards and prizes.

    Igor Osipenko

    (1973, Staryje Majaki village, Shyrjajevsk rayon, Odessa oblast)

    In 1988, graduated from Shyrjajevsk School of Music, class of N.E. Kornitsova. In 1992, graduated from Uman School of Music, class of N.V. Rybchenko, B.A. Yaholnytskyi. In 1998, graduated from P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, class of Professor N.A. Davydov. In 2001, graduated from the master class of Academician N.A. Davydov of the Academy. In 1999 - 2003, studied at the International Creative Center of Jan Tabachnik, class of the People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor Jan P. Tabachnik. Winner of international competitions: 1997 - Grand Prix of the International Accordion (France, holder of the Grand Prix and the golden medal); 1998 - the Cup of Kryvbass (Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih city, the third prize). In 2002, he was awarded the title of the Honored Artist of Ukraine.

    Mirco Patarini

    He was born in Spoletto town (Italy) on May 26, 1966. In 1978, he started his musical studies at one of branches of the Italian Music didactic center (CDMI). Then, accordion playing was beyond the regular curricular of the Italian Conservatory. In October 1978, he began performing at various national competitions in Ankon, Pescar, Recanta and other Italian towns, where he was awarded with certificates and plaques.

    In 1980, he started mastering the accordion, and in 1981 he was among winners of the screening competition in Castelfidardo (Italy), which allowed him to take part in the 30th World Cup of Accordionists (CMA), where he was the youngest performer.

    From 1983 to 1985, he passed the screening stage in Italy for three times, and then took part in the World Cups of Accordionists in Caracas (Venezuela), Caldas-de-Rayne (Portugal), le Ko-de-Phone (Switzerland), where he has won the World Cup of Accordionists for the first time, being in the age of 18.

    Since 1988, he has been working with Fartisa-Bontempi Firm as a music expert. There, he mastered the new music direction, namely, the electronic music.
    At the same time, he cooperated with the Menghini Firm, producer of famous Scandalli, Paolo Soprani and Menghini accordions. The major goal of such cooperation was to create new instruments preserving high sound quality and the mechanical construction.

    There was a period, when Mirko Patarini shifted in his concert activities from the classical repertoire to the modern one, from an acoustic accordion to an electronic instrument, from solo performances to concerts, where both accordions and computers were used.

    Today, he performs in such Italian cities a like Acquasparta, Ravenna, L'Aquila, Vasto, Rieti, Ancona, Roma, Casteffidardo, Potenza, Ban, Bologna, Livorno, Belluno, Milano, and also in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Great Britain, Egypt, Brazil, the USA, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Luxemburg, Japan, China, Netherlands etc.

    Now Mirko Patarini together with Brothers Leonardo and Luchano Menghini are co-owners of the Menghini S.R.L. Firm, which designs, produces and distributes famous Scandalli, Paolo Soprani and Menghini accordions.

    In January 2003, Menghini S.R.L. Firm amalgamated with SUONI S.R.L. Company, manufacturer of SEM accordions. Now, the Group is the world leading manufacturer and vendor of Scandalli, Paolo Soprani, Menghini and SEM accordions.

    Tania Lukic-Marx

    Tania Lukic-Marx was born on 1964. She is Serbian, residing in Sydney, Australia. Prizewinner of the international competitions "Days of Harmonica" (Klingenthal, Germany, 1986, the third prize), the World Cup (Trossingen, Germany, 1998, the second prize).

    Graduated from the School of Music in Kragujevac (Serbia), master class of Radomir Tomich. When studying at the music school, she won the first prize of the Republican Accordion Competition in Yugoslav.

    From 1983 to 1990, studies at P.I. Tchaikovsky Kyiv State Conservatorium, master class of V.V. Besfamilnov, where she completed the post-graduate studies.

    Since 1991, she has been residing and working in Sydney, Australia. There she is the Director of her own Music School. Since 1993, Tania has been presiding over the Australian Association of Accordion Players. She went on tours to China, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia… She conducted training seminars for accordionists in China, New Zealand, Serbia. She edits articles on accordion playing (CD) on the web site Accordions World Wide.

    Radomir Tomich

    He obtained primary music education with the famous Serbian teacher Slobodan Lazarevych (Kragujevac town) in 1971.

    In 1969, he won the second prize of the Klingenthal Competition, in the category under 18.

    In the next year, the Ministry of Education of Serbia directed him to the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music to receive higher education in accordion music. There, he studied at the class of the prominent Russian professors Surkov and Onehin. Since 1998, he has been the senior lecturer of the bayan and accordion departments of Music Academies in Belgrade, Kragujevac and Sarayevo (Bosnia). He was the first teacher of bayan and accordion in Serbia! In 2003, he was qualified as professor.

    For many times, he set in jury of the biggest international competitions, like the World Cup, the World Trophy, the Grant Prix Klingenthal (Germany), Castelfidardo (Italy) etc.

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