Terms and Conditions

Jan Tabachnik International Creative Center

The 8th International Accordion Festival and Competition


Kyiv (Ukraine)
April 24 - 27, 2013

  • 1. General Terms and Conditions

    The 8th International Accordion Festival and Competition AccoHoliday will take place in Kyiv (Ukraine) from 24th to 27th of April, 2013.

    Performers from Ukraine, neighboring states and foreign counties (including prize winners of the national and international contests) are invited to take part in the festival and competition.

    AccoHoliday Competition is held for soloists only in the following categories:
    ·  category A - academician performance in the age of 18 -32;
    ·  category B - concert performers of folk, popular music and jazz (no age limit).

    Please file written applications for participation in the Festival and Competition AccoHoliday till the 20th of March, 2013 to the address: 8 Ilinskaya St., “Ilinskiy” business centre, 2-nd stairwell, Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine, the Steering Committee of the Festival and Competition AccoHoliday, tel.: +38 044 593 11 15, E-mail: ark@ksg.kiev.ua, elenaluchyk@mail.ru

    Please specify following data:
    ·  full name of a performer, his/her state, full name of an educational institution or a concert organization;
    ·  category;
    ·  contest program (duration indicated);
    ·  full name of a teacher or a creative supervisor.

    An application should be filed in Ukrainian, English or Russian. It should be attached with 2 photos having dimensions 9 x 14 mm and a brief CV indicating the most significant music achievements and awards, and also two recommendations notarized in accordance with established procedure, and аaccordion arts signed by visible figures. The first 50 requests are adopted.

    2. Procedures of the Competition

    The competition will comprise two rounds.

    The order of performances will be arranged before the first round and will be observed until the end of the competition.

    The jury will appraise performances using the 25-point score.

    Performers will submit music pieces, which have not been published in Ukraine before, to the Steering Committee prior to the competition.
    The Jury will have the right to:
    ·  award not all prizes;
    ·  divide prizes among performers (except for the First prizes);
    ·  award special prizes;
    ·  terminate performances if musicians violate the established time limit or if the performance level fails to comply with standards of the international competition.

    Resolutions of the jury will be final and will not be appealed against. The Jury will make decisions by secret voting.

    Upon resolution of the Jury, prizewinners will give final performances free of charge.

    The Steering Committee reserves the right to perform audio and video recording .

    3. Financial Terms and Conditions of the Competition

    The Steering Committee will reimburse all participants of the competition, jury members and guests for accommodation costs. At leaving from competition organizational Committee halts payment of hotel, if a participant stays till ending of competition he pays a hotel

    All other expenses (travel to Kyiv and back, catering) will be covered by the sending party or by a performer himself/herself (except for the Jury members and special invited guests of the Competition and Festival).

    4. Awards

    Winners will be awarded with diplomas, medals and monetary awards amounting as follows (in USD):

    Category A

    Category B















    Other participants of the final round will be awarded with diplomas and titles of winners.

    Program Requirements of the Competition

    Category А

    First round (up to 20 minutes)
    1. Polyphonic cycle for an organ or keyboard instrument (including fugue for at least 3 voices).
    2. Piece of music created before 1800.
    3. Concert virtuoso piece.
    Second round (up to 30 minutes)
    Free concert program, including lengthy original cyclic piece (wholly).

    Category B
    First round (up to 20 minutes)
    Free concert program, with pieces interpreting folk and popular themes, and pieces containing jazz elements.
    Second round (up to 20 minutes)
    Free concert program, containing virtuoso, folk, popular and jazz compositions.
    For both categories, pieces will not be repeated in the first and second round.

    Steering Committee of AccoHoliday

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