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For many years of performing, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: famous bayan and accordion-players, great music legends, almost never took part in competitions and festivals.

When on the road, I asked my older colleagues, like Mykhail Makarov, Edward Hazarov, Valeriy Rafailov, Borys Tykhonov, Boris Veksler and many others: "Why do you have no official awards?" Each of them used to smile and say: "Why should I? Hopefully, I have enough work to do."

Those performers enjoyed so high demand, that their professional level and talent needed no prizes and decorations; they could ignore any formal competitions. At the same time, observing prizewinners of various competitions and festivals, I have noticed clear incompatibility of awards granted to some musicians and their poor performance level. Then, I wondered: whether the jury was not professional enough, when awarding an unworthy candidate, or he was a fake laureate presenting the counterfeit diploma (unfortunately, such things happen nowadays). In order to put an end to the ugly practice, me and my colleagues, whose activities have been widely recognized by the music world - Vladimir Besfamilnov, Professor, People's Artist of Ukraine, Anatolij Semeshko, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, and Alfred Mirek, Doctor of Fine Art, Honored Art Worker and Vice President of the Competition & Festival - have decided to establish the International Higher League of Accordion Artistes. Here, we have the most unbiased jury comprising not only prominent teachers, but also active performers enjoying wide popularity among the global audience.

The Jury

Jan Tabachnik, Richarg Galliano, Igor Osipenko, Vladimir Besfamilnov, Anatolij Semeshko, Vladimir Rozhok, Yurij Jastrebov, Alfred Mirek, Yurij Sidorov, Viktor Vlasov, Eduardas Gabnys, Valerij Kovtun, Leonid Zatulovskyi, Mirco Patorini, Tania Lukic-Marx, Radomir Tomich. I strongly hope that the competition would lack the "competitiveness spirit" typical for the Soviet events overlaid with ideology. We will have not a rival, but a contest of the most beautiful and adored art in the world.

A fair musician is a fair man.
A fair man is a fair musician.

Jan Tabachnik,
President of the International Accordion Festival and Competition AccoHoliday

To participants and guests of the First International Accordion Festival and Competition "ACCOHOLIDAY"

Dear friends!

It is my distinct honor to welcome participants and guests of the First International Accordion Festival and Competition ACCOHOLIDAY on the hospitable land of the hero city Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Your artistic competition will take place in the most charming season, when chestnut trees are in full blossom, the beautiful Ukrainian nature is redolent in springtime, when soul-stirring parks of out ancient city stimulate you to new creative endeavors.

I believe that your forum of the virtuoso bayan and accordion performers has attracted the most gifted and honored musicians from many countries of the world.

I am quite sure that the first prize will be awarded to the worthiest musicians.

Sincerely yours,

V.I. Rozhok, Doctor of Fine Art, Professor, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine,
Dean of the P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine


President - Jan Tabachnik
Vice President
- Alfred Mirek
Vice President
- Vladimir Besfamilnov
Vice President
- Anatolij Semeshko

Members of the Steering Committee:
Natalja Davydova
Natalja Ryabko
Valentina Arbuzova

Alfred Mirek Russian Harmonica Museum
Branch of the Museum of Moscow History

Museum Director Natalja Voronenko

Music editor - Andrej Dubyj

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